You can access Pinterest from their Desktop Platform or via the Mobile app for Apple or Android.

Getting Started...

Here are a few ideas to help you get started setting up your Pinterest account and creating a profile for yourself or your business:

STEP #1 - Set Up Your Account

Decide if your going to be using a business, personal or combined account. 


STEP #2 - Create Your Profile

  • Headshot (consistent with other social)
  • Name
  • Description
  • Link (verify your link)


STEP #3  - Create Relevant Boards

  • Board = categories (titles, images, pins)
  • Private / secret is an option


STEP #4 - Develop an Image

  • No ugly pins (those go on secret private boards)
  • Color, font, theme


STEP #5 - Curate your boards

  • Take the time to organize your boards
  • Visually appealing “collections”
  • Pin More relevant / popular boards to the top


STEP #6 - Pin from your site on a regular basis

  • Every time you create a blog to drive traffic
  • New Product launch
  • Featured on someone else’s website


I use Google’s Chrome browser to access the internet mainly because of its extensions and profile features. You can PIN from anywhere with the Shareaholic (Browser Extension)

Create A Content Calendar

Learn how to create high quality content to attract the perfect customers.

  • Create and deliver new content quickly.
  • Repurpose content you already have into new lead attracting content from your blog, podcasts, videos and more.
  • Refine your content development process for higher quality content that potential customers actually want.