STEP #1 - Choose a Name for your Business

Need help choosing a name for your business? Try running a Google search inquiry for “Business Name Generators”

Business Name Generator - BLABossInc (Screenshot)

Here are a few I have used in the past:

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 5.02.44 AM

You can also run a naming contest or hire some help with sites like:


STEP #2 - Check to see if someone is already using your name


Before deciding on a name, you will want to know if someone is already using it, right? Try running a Google search inquiry for “Name Checker” 

There are services that will check to see if the name is being used anywhere online or across social platforms. You can also hire them to register all of the sites you are interested in for a fee. One of my favorites to search with is NameChk.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 5.11.21 AM



Step #3 - Secure Your Domain


If no one is using your name, you can register your domain using GoDaddy. If they are using your name, you can get some more domain ideas that haven’t been taken yet by running a Lean Domain Search. Next, I’d secure all the social media handles for your new name.


Learn what and where to research online using many of the tools and services above in this tutorial:

Let's Review:


  • Step #1 - Decide on a name for your business
  • Step #2 - Research to see if your name is being used
  • Step #3 - Buy your domain and secure your social handles