BOSS Branding Kit

I've recently received several emails from my community, expressing concerns similar to “starting a business is too expensive" or "setting up a business is too confusing" or “marketing doesn’t work”.  

The hardest part is getting set up and knowing where to start. I want to offer this FREE Branding Kit because I want to help YOU position your brand to so People Will start to take notice. A Business sells a product. BRANDS connect with customers to grow their company.

The FREE Branding Kit Includes A Simple + Effective Template You Can Implement Right Now!  

Everything you need to turn your business into a brand!


The Branding Kit Includes:

  • Business Name, Logo & Tagline Learn how to choose a business name, where to create a logo for you business and how to craft a tagline that clarifies your message to potential customers.  
  • Colors, Font, & Images How to choose your brand colors, where to find fonts and free images to use for your business and content.  
  • Social Media Branding 101 What you need to include on all your social profiles to create a unique and uniform look and feel for your brand across all social platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc...  
  • Branding & Outsourcing Guidelines How to create content others can find and in a way they can relate too. This is a template for keeping your content consistent whether you are working on it or giving to someone else. Everyone can follow these simple steps.