Branding 101

Build your business: Name, Logo, Tagline, Fonts, and Colors...

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Website 101

Design your website. Buy your domain and find a host all in one place!

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Email Marketing 101

Create a contact database, set up your email list and get subscribers to opt-in with an enticing lead magnet!

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Social Media 101

I’m going to break down my entire social media strategy for: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & LinkedIn!

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Get all the Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources to Build Your Empire! Start here and get step-by-step instructions for setting up a business and Branding it Like A BOSS!

Meet Brandi

I put the Brandi in Branding! FULL time BOSS. Part Time Rver &  YouTube Edutainer. Better know as Bloggin Brandi...

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Why I Make YouTube Videos

Wonder how some YouTubers get their start? Well this video is for you...

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Tons of Tutorials

Learn how to set up websites, email list, social media and more with step-by-step video tutorials...

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"Some of the hardest working people I know are very underrated on YouTube, creators like Bloggin Brandi"

- Roberto Blake

(YouTuber & CEO of Awesome Creator Academy)

Easy To Understand and Fast!

"Wasn’t sure if I needed Brandi's book at first since I have a company name and personal website already set up. Learned some new things and thought about a few things in a different light after reading. Easy to go through quickly, should give you a few things to implement. Whether to use your own name, choose a company name. Pros/cons of each. Also how social media handles should be related, but don’t need to be the same."

- Neal Battaglia

Owner of SaxStation, Creator of Saxophone Tribe

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