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Brand Like A Boss better known as BLABoss is a complete guide to branding! Want to Build A Brand Everyone can BLAB About? Bloggin Brandi got her reputation doing just that. Brandi puts the Brandi in Branding hosting her popular YouTube Series Branding With Brandi where she teaches you everything you need to know about Building A Brand Online.

Here @BLABossInc (aka Brand Like A Boss) she shares all her strategies. Starting with the basics of what branding is, walking you through the entire branding process to give you all the Brand Guidelines, Graphic Design Tools & Resources you will need!

No matter if you are Branding Yourself as a Personal Brand, Building a Business Brand or rebranding an existing one: choosing a name, finding the perfect font, and picking Brand colors with the psychology of marketing in mind is the just the tip of the iceberg!

This is a masterclass that shows you how to design your logo, website and social media in order to establish a Massive Brand Identity. From the things you speak when you communicate to the blog post you write -- they all build awareness and give your brand a unique personality by the tone of voice used.

Trying to position your Brand to be found in search using Keywords that are optimized for Search (SEO)? From Hashtags to Handles this is a one stop shop for How To Brand Like A Boss!

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Get all the Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources to Build Your Empire! Start here and get step-by-step instructions for setting up a business and Branding it Like A BOSS!

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"Some of the hardest working people I know are very underrated on YouTube, creators like Bloggin Brandi"

- Roberto Blake

(YouTuber & CEO of Awesome Creator Academy)

Easy To Understand and Fast!

"Wasn’t sure if I needed Brandi's book at first since I have a company name and personal website already set up. Learned some new things and thought about a few things in a different light after reading. Easy to go through quickly, should give you a few things to implement. Whether to use your own name, choose a company name. Pros/cons of each. Also how social media handles should be related, but don’t need to be the same."

- Neal Battaglia

Owner of SaxStation, Creator of Saxophone Tribe